An Explanation Of ‘An Untitled Dandelion: Our Collaborative Story

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art’ speech (a link to which is available at the end of this short explanation) came just at the perfect time for me to hear and be receptive to its message. The reference to dandelions in the speech was completely in tune with my mindset of exploring possibilities. To clarify the ‘Dandelion’ concept I’ll give a short explanation…

Neil Gaiman’s ‘Dandelion’ concept is rooted in the idea of the humble dandelion’s method of seed dispersal. Gaiman likens creative ideas being like dandelion seeds and should be treated as such. The seeds disperse and either take root and grow or end up dying, the dandelion isn’t concerned about the seed once it leaves. Gaiman says that it isn’t important whether the seed takes root or dies, what is important is that the seed exists in the first place. Likewise with creative ideas, some grow and some die but what’s important is that a person has them in the first place and releases them out into the world…

As a testament to this my blog has taken off whereas my photograph/print shop hasn’t. I will just take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken the time to read or scan or look at my vague ramblings, I truly appreciate you giving up your precious time to do that…

So on to ‘An Untitled Dandelion’ – with so many creative minds out and about around the world the idea probably isn’t new, or original. However, to me originality is about something which new to you and not the world, therefore this is a new and original idea…

…So ‘An Untitled Dandelion’ will be a collaborative story between US. I will write an opening paragraph to get us started but I would like YOUR contributions to keep the story going. To begin with their will be no rules.

– The contributions can be as big or small as you like

– You can contribute as often as you like

– Contributions are made in the comment box and I will cut and paste the unedited/uncensored contribution into the original post

– New characters, settings, themes, genres or plot-lines can be introduced at any point

– The story needs to be reblogged once you have contributed via the comment box

– Contributions are your own and will not be judged for artistic merit…it will be lovely to see people writing freely, uninhibited and in their own style.

– Contributions can be made by anyone of any age.

I think that will be enough guidance for now…I may introduce the occasional writing challenge in the form of a compulsory aspect to write about but for now we will see how it goes

I’m quite excited by the prospect of collaborating with you!

The link to Neil Gaiman’s Speech:


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