‘Biophilia #8’ (July 2011)

Flutter past my face
Displaying your infinite beauty
Flicker your colourful patterns
Catching my eyes
Captivate my gaze
Mesmerising me as I sit in this garden
Cannot catch you with my gentle hands
Dancing between flowers
Touching each one with your enchantment
A gift of sunlight in their day
Floating on the breeze
Free to fly
The liberation and innocence attract the senses
Hypnotising rainbow of patterns
A glimpse and I’m caught again
Stopping briefly
Before floating off amongst he grass once more
Swirling your splendour through the world
Like sunbreaks and cloudbursts follow in your path
Patiently waiting in the green
Waiting for you to return
Lying under these trees

(from the collection ‘Biophilia’, published on Amazon Kindle)


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